Our people

Presland and Co Ltd has a talented and skilled group of people working for the firm.

 Work B&W-1-2 Greg is the founder of the firm.  He has 36 years of legal experience and has practised extensively in family law, civil, criminal and trusts. 

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 Sue Barber Sue Barber specialises in Care of Children Act and Domestic Violence Act applications. 

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 Lisa Sherwood  Lisa Sherwood is the practice manager as well as having considerable experience in conveyancing and estates. 

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Sophie Ali is Sue’s assistant and helps ensure that family matters are handled quickly and effectively.  She has had a number of years experience working in the Family Court and previously worked for a Family Law Barrister.

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 Leigh Lawrence Leigh Lawrence has primary responsibility for looking after estate files. 

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 Gaylene previously worked in the real estate industry.  She is Lisa’s assistant and also camp mother and manages to keep her head when everyone else is losing theirs … 

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